YÖS Teacher: Amer Abu Halaka

The Geometry is one of the YÖS exam subjects; it takes a part between 8% – 25% of the exam. However, most students misunderstand this section. It is considered a synonym for mathematics and there is no way for excellence and success without the Geometry, in Geometry the Information ranges from basic principles to advanced problems solving. In the exam, the student needs experience to reserve good timing to successfully pass the exam within the specified time.

YÖS Teacher: Ahmad Baacano

In the recent years most universities have increased the number of Geometry questions in the YÖS exam, which considered the main criterion in the excellence of student scores. Therefore, we strive to simplify information, equip skills and solutions to solve questions plus exercises quickly and accurately in order to raise the level of readiness for our students.

Geometry requires a continuous effort to increase the experience necessary for the exam.