YÖS TEK, the best solution to prepare for YÖS exam

The first with tech!

We implanted AR technology on YÖS books to help you!

YÖS TEK applications offer unique opportunities to study and prepare for the YÖS exams through its advanced platforms iOS & Android supported with the best technology like Augmented Reality,  so that the student can receive information and get lessons plus explanations for exercises in the best ways plus demonstrations fast and ease the student's effort to study and concentrate and to reduce the financial burdens and costs incurred by the student in case he wants to get the same level of study and appropriate processing to achieve outstanding success and excellence in the average score in the YÖS exams. The most important services and distinguish of the YÖS TEK application are as following:

Once you download the YÖS TEK application; you notice the ease of login and set up your account and the simplicity and clarity of the methods of use and notice immediately that it is a smooth platform and easy to use significantly.

Each lesson in the YÖS TEK application you will discover that it is an integrated lesson project, detailed It initially contains films explain the lesson professionally prepared by a selection of the best teachers of YÖS in Turkey and illustrated and produced in a very clear voice enables the student to fully understand the lesson, then the student can move to the exercises section of this lesson to find dozens of exercises appear in files designed to be displayed clear and elegant, after the completion of the exercises the student can move to the section of YÖS exam questions; here he finds a lot of real YÖS exam questions , as a result the student  within a short time will understood the lesson completely and fully absorbed Exercises and exam questions (There is a constant evolution of these files).

After paying the subscription fee as described in the movie How to use, the lessons can be accessed easily and quickly by 3 ways:
1- By clicking the subject on the main interface and then selecting the lesson from the list of lessons.
2- By writing the lesson's name at the search engine in the main interface.
3- By using augmented reality feature, this is only if the student is using any of the books in the app "Book Store”.

There are free additional services in the YÖS TEK app:
1- Quiz Game.
2- Students services.
3- Book Store.


YÖS TEK the best choice for better future


    Video Lessons

    • Expert teachers
    • Full explanations
    • Practice tests

    Additional Exercises

    • More exercises for each lesson
    • Questions for each lesson from YÖS exam

    Remarkable website covers all preparations for YÖS exam


    Amazing app which built with AR tech changes all studying methods !!


    Additional Services

    • Bookstore
    • Students services

    YÖS Quiz Game

    • The best game to prepare for YÖS exam
    • Chart for the quiz score

What our students say?

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Mohammed Mukhtar Al Hamoud

I took the (YÖS) exam and got 100% the full mark at several Turkish Universities; like the University of Istanbul and Ataturk, Anadolu, Istanbul Aiden, and the first rank at the University of Necmettin Erbakan and the first rank on the Arab students at the University of 19 May and thanks God I’m accepted in human medicine at Garah Pasha University. Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to use the YÖS TEK during my YÖS studies, but I tried it during the whole summer this year, and I liked it very much especially the comprehensive tests which available for all students, and I liked most the simplified explanation methods and enormous exercises which help the weak and middle-level students to study alone without the need for institutes and their cost. This is a wonderful step to support the Arab students all over the world, I wish them all the best luck.

Aya Abu Zeinah

Using the YÖS TEK app has benefited me in my overall learning process, and helped guide me. Particularly, I found the explanation videos to be very helpful whenever I felt like I didn’t understand certain questions. The app is wonderful; it provides mini-quizzes, videos, and exercises that will further prepare the student for the exam.

Fares Haj Othman

Nice and useful application for the student who is committed to an Institute or not. Whenever I forget a paragraph or the idea I remember it from the lessons videos  and the presence of the YÖS exams questions is a great help i can expect 80% of the coming exam questions. In my opinion the application is very useful and beautiful.

Aya Bergus

From my point of view, since I am a YÖS  student, it is a very useful application for those who wanted to study YÖS  and don’t have the ability to attend institutions courses for the long-distance or poverty. It is a comprehensive app contains lessons with sufficient explanation, tests, and solutions of questions from the best teaching staff. Thank you for this effort for the students.

Mohamad Moutlak

By following the YÖS lessons in your program {YÖS TEK}, I got the benefit I wanted to learn and understand.

There were some technical errors, but now they’re fixed.

Thank you……

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