Mohammed Mukhtar Al Hamoud

I took the (YÖS) exam and got 100% the full mark at several Turkish Universities; like the University of Istanbul and Ataturk, Anadolu, Istanbul Aiden, and the first rank at the University of Necmettin Erbakan and the first rank on the Arab students at the University of 19 May and thanks God I’m accepted in human medicine at Garah Pasha University. Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to use the YÖS TEK during my YÖS studies, but I tried it during the whole summer this year, and I liked it very much especially the comprehensive tests which available for all students, and I liked most the simplified explanation methods and enormous exercises which help the weak and middle-level students to study alone without the need for institutes and their cost. This is a wonderful step to support the Arab students all over the world, I wish them all the best luck.