YÖS TEK ] is The Complete Guide to pass the YÖS Exam you'll ever need

[ YÖS TEK ] is The Complete Guide to pass the YÖS Exam you’ll ever need

The YÖS is a concise of " yabancı uyruklu öğrenci sınavı ", “Foreign Student Examination” means foreign students with secondary education in or outside Turkey.

Some universities require the student to have a certificate of YÖS exam in order to be able to enroll in their colleges and compete with other students for the majors they apply for. The YÖS exam score has a significant effect in

raising the student's high school diploma, which allows him enroll in majors such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and engineering. A student who has not yet completed a high school diploma can submit for YÖS exam, but must obtain a high school diploma first to enroll in a university, which means only passing the YÖS exam without a diploma is not enough to apply for universities.

YÖS exams in most universities is 100 minutes to answer 80 questions. This means that the time allocated to each question is 1.15 minutes. It is noteworthy that registration on the YÖS exams usually begins in most universities during the months of February and March each year, and the dates of registration on the exam are announced on the official page of each university.